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My Staff Application

What is your ign? My ingame username is cvps
What is your discord? cvps#0001
How old are you? I am 16
What are you applying for ? Helper
Why should we make you staff? I am very useful, and I will be online every day.
How can you benefit the server? I am a programmer, so if the developer needs help, I can help. I can also make websites. I also seem to be correcting the owner alot, so would help to do that aswell.
anything else you want to add? Hi, I love the server so far.

How many hours can you be online each day?

(04-14-2020, 03:01 PM)Train Wrote: How many hours can you be online each day?
All-day, and on school days roughly 5-7 hours in the night.

Application Accepted
Thread Closed

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