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Staff Aplication

What is your ign? InstantSnow

What is your discord? Snowyyyy#0428

How old are you? I am 12.

What are you applying for? I am  applying for Helper.

Why should we make you staff? You should make me staff because I can help people with their problems and I am very useful.

How can you benefit the server? I can benefit the server by helping players with problems they are having and I can report glitches and bugs I find.

anything else you want to add? You can call me Snow or Snowy.

This application is Denied. The application lacked detail and from experience you don’t exactly abide by the servers rule on language. Feel free to re-apply in a week and during the waiting period if you decide to re-apply please be on your beet behavior in order to demonstrate that you are a good staff member if you decide to reapply. Please also watch your language in the public chat. It’s okay if it’s in your own faction chat but you must use family friendly language in the public chat.

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