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Staff App

Staff Application template:

What is your ign? - Nuggmuff
What is your discord? - Devonrules#8694
How old are you?18
How many hours daily can you moderate the server? 6
Have you broken any rules? Nope
Do you abide by the rule on using clean language? yes
What are you applying for ? Moderator
Why should we make you staff? I feel as if i should be made staff because i can help make sure no hackers are on the server and make sure that theres nobody being toxic or breaking any of the rules of the server.
How can you benefit the server? I can benefit the server by helping keep all the scumbags off and making sure everyone is playing fair and non-toxic
anything else you want to add? Not other than Thank you for your time and patience.


Sadly we are going to have to decline your application due to not being in the discord.

If you wish to discuss this feel free to drop me a PM on the forums.

Kind Regards,

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